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How To Tell If You Need Suspension Repairs

The suspension system of the car is made up of several components that all work together to provide you with a comfortable, safe, and smooth ride. More significantly, it affects how your car brakes and drives. In fact, a bad suspension can up to 20% shorten your stopping distance or time. Driving as a result of damaged shocks and struts can be hazardous. We are here to help you identify worn suspension components.


excessive bounce, especially after hitting a bump
Drifting on turns is a sign that the vehicle’s body cannot be held against the force of a turn by the shocks.
Poor suspension can lead to uneven tyre tread, uneven tyre patterns, and sporadic bald areas.
Problems with the vehicle’s front end dipping when braking and reduced brake time
When shocks or struts have an oily appearance, the seal is likely fractured and they should be replaced.
Failed bounce test: Push a corner of your automobile down; if it rocks or bounces up more than once or twice following release, suspension work is needed.

People frequently neglect the suspension system and wait until the symptoms worsen before replacing them. It can make driving challenging and quite dangerous if you can’t identify by the symptoms stated above. As a result, you should have your suspension, especially the shocks and struts, periodically evaluated for damage. If necessary, carry out the bounce test at home.

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