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Ecoguard Filters

In the modern world of today, the need to be competitive drives man and machine beyond its limits. Man is driven to produce engines that are more powerful, efficient, and durable. To maintain these very high tolerances within the engines, the lubrication system has become more sophisticated. Keeping them clean and cool requires excellent filtration.

Ecoguard Filters offer a complete range of products ranging from air filters, fuel filter, oil filter, hydraulic filter, Air Oil Separators, Dust collectors and Turbine filters. These products are designed to meet the highest demands and need of the modern engines and power systems.

Ecoguard filters believes and prides itself in its quality and efficiency in filtration solution with highly competitive in economic consideration. The Ecoguard Filters are designed to meet the engine requirement and customer satisfaction.

Addressing this effective filtration solutions and equal economic consideration, Ecoguard filters combines the best elements of design, distribution and world class standard in manufacturing and process.

Modern Production Lines

Automation equipment, the
strong guarantee of stable quality

OE Supplier

Supplier of original filters for
leading auto manufacturers.

Laboratory Quality

Ecoguard has a strict & quality
production management system

Certified QM systems

In order to meet the needs of
the market and customers.

Reliable Quality

All Ecoguard filters are of high
quality with production standards.


Wide range of filters & filtration
solutions for different industries


Procurement of global mainstream
brands of various models of filters.


Wide range of filters & filtration
solutions for different industries


Get started with
Our sales team

World class Filtration Solutions for all applications. Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Earth Moving, Power Generation & Oilfield Applications .

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