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Ecoguard About Us

The Ecoguard Filter is one of the leading Filter brand, we are currently producing and supplying replacement filters for all most all the range of Air filters, Oil filters, Fuel filters and Hydraulic filters with OEM standard for all major Construction Equipments, Agriculture, Trucks- Buses, Handling Equipments, Passenger Cars, LCV’s Marine Equipment and Power Generations, as well as Customized Filters and Filtration Units.

All the Ecoguard filters are produced under strict supervision, expert technicians, perfect environmental conditions and ISO certified factories of all over the world with considering high degree of quality.

In order to provide the need of the market, we use world class quality materials, modern technologies and the latest production solutions to produce Ecoguard filters.
Applying innovative technology, Ecoguard filters maximize engine performance and reduce maintenance cost for customers all over the world.

All the Ecoguard filters are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship and all the Ecoguard filters meets high quality standards.

To better manage its long-term growth and quality assurance, Ecoguard filters keeps investing in equipment and testing facilities. With differentiated technology offerings and full ranges of production lines, Ecoguard filters will aggressively pursue new opportunities in the filter fields.